18 September 2006

Flat Water and Flat Boats

The plan on Sunday was for Camille and I to take my visiting Dad out to the start of the Big Boat Series for some viewing fun. The forecast was for light winds but we had the requisite 5 knots to keep us moving directly towards their start line. Very pleasant day, it was warm, the boat was moving, couldn't ask for anything more.

After Camille's Clover experience, she wants to get closer to the water. Luckily, I have enough freeboard that she won't actually get wet:
Notice that Camille is on the windward side...Noah should really take note. At 42 pounds she doesn't do much as ballast, but every little bit helps.

My Dad's a pretty accomplished sailor, having spent 10 years sailing his 72 foot yawl in the Caribbean and crossing the Atlantic twice on his 37 foot cutter, but on a day like this, with the 70 degree weather and whisper of breeze, he just relaxed, enjoyed the sail and his granddaughter's company.

Of course, we were out there for a reason...we wanted to see some hot racing action. Which, of course, is not likely in 5 knots of breeze. And, even worse, the wind died about a mile from the start line. We drifted around Mark X (aka "Bob Klein") for about 15 minutes then got a faint puff and decided to ride it home. Here's the closest we got to the action:
Not too exciting if you're looking for big boat races, but fine enough if you're interested in a relaxing daysail, something that doesn't happen too often out this way in the summer.

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Pat said...

It won't be long before, when you're in flat water like that, Camille will be ordering you to move your crew weight to leeward.