02 July 2006

This That & the Other Thing

Last week, I noticed that V was dangerously close to losing a finger or two as he tried to uncleat a very loaded jib sheet. Hopefully he doesn't read this and belatedly realize how close to dismemberment he was. But that's a risk I have to take. Because I have installed the new cleats. Finally.


Now, I can cleat easily after winching. And, more importantly, uncleat from the high side during a tack. Those ancient ass horn cleats are still helpful for a spring line at the dock. Every cleat has its place.

Since it was foggy and somewhat dreary, my beautiful wife and I decided to not sail in the morning, installing the cleats instead. As the fog lifted, we realized we didn't have time to sail if we wanted to keep our babysitters on the job for the summer so we came up with an alternate plan. We -- actually just my beautiful wife -- installed the Flor modular carpet, finally replacing the nasty crummy oatmeal colored shag that was collecting dirt, debris, and dustbunnies.


Much cleaner looking.

Now, Camille can play hookie from puppet-making camp tomorrow and sail on a cleaner, safer, and cleatier boat.


Anonymous said...

What, no self-tailing winches???

BTW, I like the cam cleat install, and the carpet looks nice too.

EVK4 said...

The Harken 32ST is more than I'm willing to spend and the 16ST is a tweener in terms of being the right size. Self-tailing is a better solution for everything except the release from the high side so I'm going with the affordable solution for now. And reminding myself that this is a better if I ever race again.

Anonymous said...

I like it. I have to say that this is the first time I have ever seen a cam cleat used in this way...although it does make good sense.

EVK4 said...

Eli, a clam cleat would actually work better but I don't have room for one to be facing the jib trimmer. The cam is going to cause a problem in the last inch...once you have it fully loaded and trimmed, it might be difficult to cleat it without losing a half inch of your trim. BUT it will be a lot easier than that old horn cleat sitting there.