28 April 2006

Sunny and Warm and Crowded

The forecast is for SEVENTY-TWO DEGREES on Sunday. It hasn't topped 70 since sometime around last Shavuot. And we're sailing.

The crew should be my lovely wife, Bob, Camille, Brendhan, Kathy, and Jack. I believe that's the most people I've ever been responsible for on one boat. Umm, but if the crew is reading this, seriously I'm not worried. Nothing to worry about. Nope, nothing. All is safe and I know exactly where a Coast Guard Cutter is going to be anchored all morning.


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Anonymous said...

and just so you all know, edward just added "his lovely wife" after his lovely wife read the crew list and saw her name not on the list.
i'll be staying home with the baby and nana, though. sniff, sniff.

Anonymous said...

Taking the wife for granted... Bad Edward, no cookie.. :D

It does worry me that you know where the Coast Guard cutter will be all morning. Were you planning on needing them?