09 April 2006


We finally found the elusive confluence of weather window and free time so Camille and I headed down to the marina. After stopping by Worst Marine for a new lifejacket for Camille, we hit the boat.

The idea was to hang out at the boat for a while maybe and possibly motor over to visit Polka Dot. Camille reminded me that I was supposed to teach her how to steer the boat so we decided to leave the marina for a while. I noticed that she was intently watching the breakwater as we left; as soon as we passed it, she grabbed the tiller and said "move over bacon, this boat is mine!"

I immediately recognized that according to maritime code, this was an official mutiny and that she held the upper hand, I just had to bide my time to get control back. Here's what my new captain looked like while barking orders:

Keeping a lookout:

And rounding our mark:

Please notice the pirate's booty at the bottom of the picture, undoubtedly the inspiration for her bold move.

I got the helm back as she started waving to a passing boat, they looked awfully confused by the drawn cutlass but Camille instantly understood the meaning and handed over the tiller.

I got us back into the marina safely with the added bonus of Heidi and Noah wating at the dock. We packed up the boat and headed to Juan's for some tasty Enchiladas. An excellent way to end the day's adventure.

For those of you who faithfully watched this blogspace for the last week, I apologize that the scratch and sniff feature didn't work. I should have that fixed by time my new sail post happens mid week. You'll be able to share in that new sail smell with me.


Anonymous said...

Maybe no scratch n sniff, but I note that the tiller extender seems to work just fine.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a tough taskmaster... She'll have you swabbing the decks in no time.

Anonymous said...

"Mutiny" came just in time. My nails and the monitor were really beat up.

crkmama said...

sorry we missed you at juan's. picante was great!

Litoralis said...

It's good to see that she is sitting forward in the cockpit to reduce wetted surface area.

To inspire Camille to success in keelboat racing at a young age, check out the racing history of the J24 "Jersey Devil" sailed by the Stanton brothers in the Caribbean back in the late 90's.