31 March 2006

Scratch 'n' Sniff

Sometimes EBay just doesn't work out. I've gotten some fantastic deals on EBay, things I couldn't find anywhere else for that price. And sometimes you buy a stinky tiller extension.

The guy who sold this to me was 1 part creative photographer, 1 part cigar smoker. He photographed the tiller extension in 3 parts (handle, middle part with forespar, and tiller connector thingie). From those three angles it sure looks like forespar's new model, but that black aluminum part sure doesn't. I thought I was buying an extension at just over 50% of new...but caveat emptor I guess.

As to the title of this post, the foam handle also smells like cigar smoke...nasty Phillie Blunt not the good kind that Ken smokes. That's why the tiller extension is on the porch, airing out its nasty odor. If you have the new firefox browser, try the scratch 'n' sniff feature (you will need the plug-in but sometimes it comes with it). Write in the comments if it worked please.


Tillerman said...

I hear the scratch 'n sniff feature is not being released until April 1st.

Anonymous said...

Coffee grounds are your friend. Put it in a big box and pour used coffee grounds, (available at your nearest Starbucks for free) along the bottom and it should help neutralize the nasty odors on the tiller extension.

Anonymous said...

Scratch and sniff???? I'm so behind the times.

Anonymous said...

I'll do anything for some ribs. But these need to be some Flinstone, 540i tipping over ribs we're talking about here.


Anonymous said...

Burned by Ebay.

The creative photagrapher you mention is probably the same guy who conned me into buying an "electronic" keyboard a couple years ago.

Amazing what a deceptive camera angle can accomplish in the mind of the prospective buyer.