28 January 2006

Shake on it

Things are about to get exciting in the boatyard, we just bought another boat. Actually, we shook on it and are going to sign the paperwork next weekend, but what the hell, let's call that a deal.

She's a slightly bigger boat, a Newport 28. Very manageable for singlehanding, big enough cockpit for the whole family, a galley (sans blender temporarily), an enclosed head (very important with a 5 year old), and just enough projects to keep Bob and I busy.

She's built more like a sailboat than a bus (remember the Catalina 30) and has very nice lines with a bow overhang, sweeping decks, and she's BABY BLUE. So far I've had a mustard yellow and a baby blue boat, I really really need to outgrow 1970s boats.

First thing first, I need to go down below with a bottle of 409 and a large pot to boil things in. Wow, do I have a cleanup job. But I can't forget the first lesson I ever learned in boat ownership: you know that warning about using Mildex in a well-ventilated area, well, let's just say, follow that advice. Anyway, it's nothing that 6-8 hours of hard work won't cure and the rest of the boat is in great shape.

More details to follow.


Tillerman said...

Cool. Have fun with your new toy. Looking forward to lots of stories in your blog about your adventures with her.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new to you boat. Looking forward to seeing what you do with her.

What are you going to name her??

One hint if you want to get rid of some of the smells in the boat... get some used coffee grounds from your local Starbucks and put it in open containers in the boat, after a few days, the grounds will help neutralize the odors in the boat.

Anonymous said...

Very cool Edward-congratulations. Looking forward to a spring sail.

Given that CRK has had naming rights to the last two, can the the rest of us have a turn? Perhaps we could develop something at next week's softball/poker tourney. CRK's name would stick when she was on board, and then you'd have something a little more...swarthy the rest of the time. I'm thinking "Blue Avenger".


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My last blue boat was named CALYPSO (I vaguely remember that she was the siren who lured Ulysses....) Admiral Sir Reginald Ponsonby Far't.

EVK4 said...

Anonymous in Marin,
How about we have a macho name like Montalban for when we're sailing and keep the CRK-hand-picked moniker on the transom. She's leaning towards some combination of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Jewel. Possibly all of them. Her first option of Ruby Ruby Ruby is remarkably appropriate on a blue boat.

Anonymous said...

Your Polka Dot racing merchandise is going to be a collectors item - with a new name....comes new merchandise. People better pick up the Polka Dot gear quickly!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Kudos on the new boat. I agree with the coffee grounds solution except....please go to Peets.

Carol Anne said...

Congrats on the new boat. Pat and I currently have a conflict about what our next one should be ... he's got bigger-boat-itis, and I've come down with faster-boat-itis.

Of course, we could get both ... except that really, we don't have money for even one new boat at the moment.

EVK4 said...

Carol Anne,
You can have both in one boat: click on this link on Yachtworld for a bigger and faster boat

Anonymous said...

Hi EVK, I'm looking to buy a boat just like yours (but it's on the East Coast. 1984 version, not baby blue). How do you like it? Anything I should look out for?

(BTW - use the "ask the designer" form to contact me - and no cracks that I should know already, I'm not omniscient.)

EVK4 said...

I'd be happy to help you out, but I'm not going to post on an intelligent design forum. drop an email address in here and I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Hi EVK, it's really not a forum. It's just an email form. (Did you watch it?, maybe it's not your kind of humor...oh well.)

Just like you I don't like to publish my email addresses - but you can use this one evk@designerspeaks.com to contact me.