25 January 2006

It's back

The rain is back. Anybody else remember when San Francisco was mired in a perpetual drought and we couldn't water our lawns or take long showers or wash our cars? And, conversely, you could enjoy the hell out of winter-time? It's the damned oil companies I tell you, destroying our way of life.

Here's the weather outlook:

Not pretty. Not to complain too loud, the last week has seen me finish the interior of Clover, now just some graphics and paint the hull. Also, I think I'm going sailing rain or shine on Saturday...something to do with that galley photo from the other day. But I'm not saying anything else.


Anonymous said...


EVK4 said...

heh heh.....you're gonna get like 8 posts a day clogging up your RSS feed mister anonymous. teach you a lesson to mess with a committed blogger.

crkmama said...

anonymous is just bitter he doesn't have a boat. sour grapes.

Carol Anne said...

Hey, do you think you could send some of that precipitation to New Mexico and Colorado? The snowpack at Wolf Creek (where the water comes from that I sail on) is dismally low, at about 38% ofo normal.