12 December 2005


Everyone loves new sails, but are they really necessary? Do we do it because the boat sails better, points better, has a better shape, or has a better chance of winning races? Or do we do it because it just looks nicer? You tell me :


Anonymous said...

You are a wizard.

Anonymous said...


All of those things.

The boat looks great!

I'm going over to Corte Madera tomorrow to take a look at the yellow devil toro that's on craigslist. How strange that I never, ever, thought about looking on CL. Thanks for the heads up!

Carol Anne said...

I have a glacially slow dial-up connection, but the wait for that animated image to download was worth it.

Yeah, I want new sails. Really, I want them because I want my boat to sail better. Really and truly. It doesn't matter if they're also prettier. Really, it doesn't.

Yeah, right.

Tillerman said...

Man, that's clever. That new sail just makes you want to jump in the boat and go sailing now.