31 December 2005

I should be sailing

I should be sailing except that I don't have a deathwish or unlimited bankroll for broken gear. Take a look at the weather at my marina:

This is one windy day, look at that high....53.9 knots. Sheesh. Keep in mind, we don't get hurricanes here, so you east coasters can keep your 150+ to yourselves.

I'm going to keep an eye on the bay cams today and see if any sailboats make their way out there. There's always one maniac.

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Greg said...

Yea..I passed on Chowder New Years and peeked at the Cams as well. Still planning on the 3 Bridge Fiasco ? I'm looking @ the form now.I'd need to.. and hate to take days off to make it, but think I will. Let me know.
The El Toro looks good!

Regards, Greg