19 November 2005

Went sailing, yes we did

Kathy and I went this morning and had a great time. I believe this is Kathy's first tack ever at the helm of Polka Dot.

Yeah, that's right an animated GIF! I rock. Unfortunately the boom vang is dangling in front of the lens...but that's just to encourage sea sickness in the landlubbers. You know who you are.

Today was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. November 18th and I'm sailing in shorts and a t-shirt. My traffic is pretty global so I don't really want to rub it in but damn that's nice.

Neither of us had a lot of time so we beat out to Mark E at around 5.5 knots and ran downwind home a little slower. We dropped the sails inside the breakwater and actually had everything stowed by the time we reached the slip. As I said, we didn't have much time.

More sailing this week and possibly some sailing news.

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