05 November 2005

Tactician Training

I am a perfectionist. Well, not really. But I've always been a hell of a sailor -- it was bred into my bones. And I want to be better.

So I practice. And I videotape my practice. Now, unfortunately, I can't always get my crew out practicing with me, so I tried to simulate a race. Single-handed. With no wind. This is what happens:

If you can't see the movie above, please visit my homepage.

An homage to this guy.


the skip said...

a fitting homage!

Hobie1 said...

You're one funny guy, it's hard to make fun of yourself and that makes your stream even funnier. This would only would happen on the left coast!:^).>
The Pirate

Lingo Slinger said...

Ha ha!! I love it!!! That was great, truly!

Joe said...

Oh my God! As a sailing instructor I am shocked! You let go of the tiller!!!!! ;)

Great video!

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EVK4 said...

See, there I go proving my worth as a sailor again...I must have balanced the hell out of those sails!!!

Seriously, if I showed the full extent of the rounding that I'm laughing about, they'd take away my sailing privileges immediately.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog site. Keep the videos coming!


Kosta said...

Thanks for the clip. I was laughing my head off. Could have been me:-) Kosta

Tillerman said...

lol - a classic

Anonymous said...

Noice stuff. Maybe you should send it along to UKHalsey for their website!

EVK4 said...

Their people contacted me. I said, "hell no, I'm no sellout mister, go find that Cayard character"

Anonymous said...

LOL, very nice Edward. :D