11 November 2005

Should I or Shouldn't I????

It's not sexy. In fact it's called the Chevy of the Bay; but it's a good boat, fits the whole family and has an enclosed head. It's a Catalina 30.

Eleven feet of beam. Notice the Catalina 27 to starboard. Sheesh, that's a wide load.

This particular boat is a very odd hybrid racer/cruiser. Beautiful Pineapple mylar sails (see July 99 Pineapple Ad), replaced every year with a new suit. Running rigging stripped to the core, yet run aft. 6'2" of headroom and a full salon, yet the stove was removed due to excess weight.

I'm leaning towards it. Anyone need a beautifully maintained Catalina 22 with new sails?


Joe said...

Go for it!

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Anonymous said...

You guys typically have a little more breeze than we do on the Chesapeake Bay, and a tall rig C-30 is the only way to go out here. I just got back from my second annual trip to the Urbanna Oyster Festival onboard Mischief, a fine specimen of a C-30 tall rig. They're not exactly fast, I wouldn't go offshore in one, and they aren't the prettiest boats at the Yacht Club, but there is an abundance of parts for them, and they have more room inside than you'll find in any other boat under 36ft. If coastal cruising in complete comfort is your thing, then this is a good boat.

Anonymous said...

I would seriously consider the Mac 26x. It is quite roomy and it can approach 50 kts if fitted with a four stroke 70hp outboard. The wraparound windows allow for a much roomier and lighter experience down below than you could ever hope for in the Catalina

EVK4 said...

Eli, I'm with you. It's all about the fourth mode. Once that's been achieved, you will never sail a conventional lead-ballasted boat again.

Carol Anne said...

And that Mac 26X is tough. I know a guy who's sailed his all over the pacific Northwest, including a stretch of 80 days on the boat, and up to Alaska and back. And, of course, lots of shorter trips like San Pedro to Catalina and back.

He's now in Antarctica (minus the Mac).

We have the older version of the Mac 26, which doesn't have all that headroom but sails better, and it's nice, but my husband is itching for a bigger boat. He was looking at a 32 foot Kirie Elite, but somebody else beat him to it. Don't let him know about that Catalina.