27 October 2005

Working on El Toro Loco

Bob is working diligently on Camille's boat: sanding, demolishing, cursing under his breath at his son-in-law who buys project boats for him to work on. Of course, he needs a project; he certainly shouldn't be enjoying a relaxing retirement with his panoramic views. Heck no, there are sailboats to be saved.

Here are the parts that need replacing:

Of course, that doesn't count the new sail and that all hardware obviously needs to be the finest Harken Carbon Racing Series. Think Mari Cha IV without the waterline.

The part I'm most excited about is the windvane. With the anniversary of Trafalgar just recently, I was looking at a lot of old pictures/drawings of Ships of the Line. One thing that struck me is how cool the long red ribbons at the tops of the masts look. Apparently, Jotz Sails rigged something similar but I don't think that little strip of yellow will impress Camille. She's going to want something that looks like a kite tail. It's not all about wind direction, it's about the art direction.

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