25 October 2005

Number one in Google!!!

Of course if you type EVK4 into google, my blog is number one, but I have to be tops in something made up of real words too too. I tried any number of variations of polka dot, catalina 22,sailing, blog, racing, berkeley, fastest boat ever to no avail. There has to be something.

So I look into my visitor log to see how people find me. I get lots of hits for "alerion express for sale" even though I've never sold an Alerion Express, but you still have to dig many many pages down to find me. I get some hits for generic sailing searches but those are people with a lot of time on their hands.

Finally, I found it: singlehanding j/24. Now, I've never singlehanded a J/24 but I did make fun of a J/24 while singlehanding and apparently that's a fairly unique trait.

Polka Dot Racing is #1 at singlehanding a J/24! Take that search engines.

1 comment:

Tillerman said...

Yeah - it's amazing what search targets bring people to my blog. I had one hit today from someone searching for "bare female chest". I guess I must have written one post with those 3 words somewhere in it but I bet the poor guy was disappointed when he found a sailing blog.