05 August 2005

Racing Tonight

Tonight is the night. We're going out for the Friday Night Beercans in Berkeley. The forecast looks good, 15-20 knots WSW, pretty standard for a summer evening.

The crew has all their gear, the Polka Dot Racing Playbook has been published, I've worked out the currents during the race, and reviewed the Racing Rules of Sailing. Having the bottom scrubbed this afternoon and the new sails are already on. All that is left is the race.

The only real strategic principle I have is to stay away from the Berkeley Pier...for some reason there's always a dead spot there and I think the best strategy is to keep the boat moving. My other goal is to make it clear as the faster divisions are passing me that they should go to leeward of me...but then again if they don't, it's not like I'm going to take them up or anything, but I'll try to make them think I will.

I can't tell you the last time I've been this nervous. Excitedly nervous, but still nervous. My very simple goal for the evening:


Anonymous said...

Yes ... SAIL FAST! Good luck with
your race tonight and remember, it's a sport, not a war!

Unknown said...

Go on http://nappyegg.blogspot.com/.

Gustad said...

good luck!!
very nice blog. keep writing!

EVK4 said...

OK, feel free to go to nappyegg.blogspot.com; it's funny in an odd way even though I've never seen the movie that the writer is pretending to be from. Oddly interesting even though I only read 3 posts.

EVK4 said...

OK, this other guy Gustad on the other hand has an excellent blog. He reviews food, but not just any food...on his list were giant water bugs, krispy kreme donuts, mac and cheese, and mako shark.

As per usual, I only read it partially but I give the EVK4 thumb of approval to http://ironcheff.blogspot.com/

Tillerman said...

Ha ha. That's my motto.

harvey said...

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