02 May 2005

Operation BBQ Liberation

I completed my reconnaissance of the BBQ world and believe I have all of the information needed for Operation BBQ My Own Damned Ribs. Other than the sauce (which was guarded by Mary-Alice who I am not going to mess with), there are no secrets. It's all patience. And beer. Beer is key too. Did you know that you pour beer over any piece of meat that drops on the ground? Maybe it's ceremonial, maybe it's to sterilize, who knows.

Back to patience. I don't think that I've ever done anything different than what Lloyd (above) does. I just haven't had the patience to cook for so long. It's got to be an all day affair. That's where the beer comes in. More beer, the less you mind standing in smoke for 8 hours.

My faithful 8-14 readers per day deserve to learn the steps required for the Perfect Ribs and you will get them. Once I've tested them on my own Weber. As I mentioned, the secret here is patience.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd is sporting an industrial size freighter there. Can your punny Weber handle the task?

Outback Steakhouse

EVK4 said...

I operate a classic charcoal version of this. I think I can handle it.

You should see that grill next to an average sized man, it looks even bigger.

crkmama said...

waiting patiently for those ribs.

firedog said...

The hat, it seems integral to the success of the ribs, no?