11 May 2005

BBQ Skills in Action

Patience is rewarded. Ribs have been made using the Lloyd Technique. The rub-sear-smoke-patience technique paid off; the ribs were delicious.

Definitely a step or two below Lloyd's but definitely two or three steps above my previous attempts. I learned a bit about coal heat management, I believe that I over-seared and didn't keep the smoking coals hot enough (proof is in the corn that had to go in a pot of boiling water afterwards).

1)rub I don't know the secret recipe here so I just used something expensive with nice packaging. Nothing new here, just rub the night before and keep refrigerated (it's pork so I hope that this isn't a surprise to you).

2)sear On a single layer of hot coals, drop the ribs on there bone-side down then flip, searing about 10 minutes each side.

3)smoke Pull the ribs off and rake all the coals to one side. Stack the ribs on the other side. Add some smoking wood (cherry is preferable); it should be wet.

4)patience This is where it gets hard. It takes about 4 hours from this point. You need to add coals and wood every 30 minutes or so to keep the heat and smoke up (maybe 1 coal every half hour). If the ribs start looking a bit dry, spray or brush apple cider vinegar on them. Do this often. Flip the ribs every so often. Do not put bbq sauce on until right at the end; remember it's sugar based and will burn.

5)eat Repeat if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Sweet looking ribs. Are they soy?

crkmama said...

ewwww....soy ribs? was that supposed to be some vegetarian joke?

they were great, evk 4. glad we were able to put "the corn in a pot of water."