22 April 2005

Opening Day on the Bay

What are you doing this Sunday? It's Opening Day, more important than the State of the Union, more fun than Arbor Day, more exclusive than The Daytona 500. The reason: The Blessing of the Fleet. The Corinthian Yacht Club sponsors this parade followed by a Parade of Boats along the SF Waterline.

Last year there was absolutely no wind so we motored out into the middle of the bay, raised the sails, started eating lunch, lowered the sails, finished eating lunch, then just drifted around somewhat bored. The sandwiches were great; I had a turkey and havarti from Molly Stones in Sausalito. I don't know what Bob had. The only bright spot was getting to glare at some rich dude on a 44 foot sloop motor by us while we were "sailing". This guy was a frickin' caricature, with the nautical sweater tied around his neck, martini glass in one hand, brand new topsiders, absolutely no idea that we had right of way since we were "sailing". So, yes, I was jealous of his boat.

This year has more wind in the forecast so here's what's in store: motor out around 10AM, dodge raindrops (Polka Dot is very maneuverable), get blessed for the season, raise sail on the other side of Angel Island as the seabreeze picks up and make a mad downwind dash for Berkeley.

If you're reading this blog, you're probably a friend of mine (or at least on crapola) so consider this an invite. If you're not in the Bay Area....Ha Ha.

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