08 March 2012

Run Forrest Run!

Through some absolute fluke of good timing and preparation, we were second in line to enter Disneyland last Tuesday. We had secured the spot over on the far right behind a couple of heavier ladies (yes, this is pertinent).

It took about 15 minutes until they opened the gates and the lady at the turnstile had already pre-scanned our tickets so at the appointed moment, we would all just walk through. The order: Noah, Camille, Heidi, and then me. After the heavier ladies of course, it's not like we're impolite.

When I get into Disneyland I like to savor the moment...we are at Disneyland! You know, like that.

Noah, on the other hand, seizes opportunities. After the first cast member said, "walk, don't run" he sprinted past the heavier ladies and started running. And running. And running.

I was trailing behind, fumbling with my camera, yelling his name to stop and pose for a picture. He was the first one down Main Street! Photo Opp! {editor's note: those are cast members ahead of him in the shot} He ignored me; he had places to go.

He didn't stop until he was the first person on Star Tours. His explanation: this would never happen again, he didn't want to miss his chance!

Later, once we caught up to Heidi and Camille, they mentioned that they had stopped at the fruit vendor on Main Street (seen in the right of this very picture) and remarked that Noah was insane. The fruit-monger looked at them and said, "Noah? That's the kids name that ran down Main Street 5 minutes ago with his Dad yelling his name. He is insane!"

08 February 2012

I just threw up in my mouth

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that picture makes me? Babe Ruth on the Dodgers? That is absolutely horrible. Great players should not end up on the Dodgers even if they are just first base coaches.

The Dodgers are designed for villains like Ron Cey, Tommy Lasorda, Kirk Gibson and Matt Latos (yes, he is evil enough to eventually become a Dodger). Not Babe Ruth.

I wonder how the fans in New York reacted to this in 1938? He was only a few miles away in Brooklyn and the team was terrible (finishing 18.5 games out in the National League) while the Yankees finished first in the AL and won the World Series (helloooo Cubbies). Most importantly, the Giants were 13.5 games better than the Dogs.

Anyway, not even Dodgers fans like the look of this so let's just go back to pretending it never happened. For the sake of my appetite.

22 January 2012

How do you tack?

When I tack a boat, I like to immediately check my sails and look around to see what new obstacles are out there. Some helmsmen take a swig of beer upon a complete tack. Others might look around, embarrassed, hoping nobody saw the sloppiness.

These 9 year olds dance. And then tack again.

That's how sailing is supposed to be.

Warning: sailing content on this blog, be very concerned.

18 January 2012

Ironbirds take to the air!

In years past, the teams in Noah's league were named after major league teams. Last year, he was on the Red Sox; therefore, the Red Sox are now his second favorite team. After the mighty Giants of San Francisco of course.

I just received the team assignments for this year and saw some awfully funny names: muckdogs, rockhounds, blue claws, ironbirds. What the heck? Minor league team names? But I had already picked out Noah's uniform number: 9, previously worn by one Teddy Ballgame.

At first I thought, that must be the placeholders before all the coaches start bickering over who gets to be the Giants. But, no, those are our team names. My initial instinct (and action) was to email the commissioner and ask to be the 51s (Blue Jays affiliate in Las Vegas that has an alien for their logo). But, unfortunately, the uniform company doesn't offer the 51s.

Then I looked up the Ironbirds and saw this:

Great logo!

A bit more research and I see that the Aberdeen Ironbirds are the single A affiliate for the Orioles. Since Noah's league numbers only go up to 15, my only decision at this point is Cal Ripken Jr's number or Brooks Robinson's?

09 January 2012

About the time I was badly out-coached

A new season ignites past memories.

My team (the Red Sox) shared a practice field with the Giants. We had the north diamond they had the south. It was friendly and since practice was WAY TOO LONG for 5 & 6 year olds' attention spans we would often have a scrimmage for the last 30-40 minutes against the Giants.

This time, though, we hadn't made any plans for the scrimmage since it was the last practice of the season. My plan was simple, make sure the kids could see how far they'd come in the past three months. Take them through the first practice plan and laugh at how lame it seemed compared to where they currently are. Throw in some congratulations and enthusiasm and just play baseball.

But when I looked over at the Giants' side of the field, I felt even more pride in how far I'd come as a coach. Michael, the Giants coach, had a freakin' igloo cooler on the mound instead of the customary ball bucket. I distinctly remember thinking, "rookie" and chortling to myself.

Then he opened the cooler and started an all out water balloon assault on his team. My pride was revealed as hubris and his team became better than mine. Instantly. My kids looked over glumly as the joy of a well executed 6-4 putout paled next to a gigantic team-wide water balloon fight.

My well-crafted year of sunflower seed spitting lessons, take me out to the ballgame renditions, and superstition learning crumbled next to the last-practice antics of the Giants. All year long I could feel that the Giants preferred to be on my side of the field for our half-squad scrimmages. Gone with one well-executed water balloon fight. Heck, I wanted to be on the Giants for those ten minutes.

All I can do now is plan for next year. Keep all of my same gimmicks, hope for a warm day on the last practice, and try to think of one new one. Something like pitching ripe pears to an unsuspecting batter or a life-sized zombie first baseman statue with the first kid to knock his head off with a throw from shortstop wins a prize. Something like that.

I'll never win back next year but I can make sure I never get out-coached like that again.

04 January 2012

Baseball & Sailing: two great tastes

So what do baseball and sailing have to do with each other? Nothing. Except this:

And, really, I'm reaching here.

Maybe I'll never make the Vaunted Tillerman Top Ten again but I have something to say on this here blog. And, unfortunately for the sailing blog readers, it's about baseball.

But, I'll get brackish on you here with one last sailing story. When I was in my early 20's I played golf; not well or often but I did own my own set of golf clubs. When planning out my TransAtlanticSail that is at the heart of my title of "Bad Ass Ocean Going Sailor", my father (and Captain) told me that golf clubs and sailing don't mix. Specifically, my golf clubs were not allowed on his sail boat.

And that killed my plans to golf in Ireland upon landfall. I have barely golfed since.

What does that have to do with baseball. Nothing. See you at the Great Batting Practice Broadcast this Saturday.

Taking blogging to the next level

I'm a failure as a sailing blogger, not cracking the coveted Tillerman 9 again. Seriously, I used to be good. But then sailing slowed then stopped and I have to find a way to be good again.
So I thought, how about I ignore the old media (blogging) and become a new media dude. That's right, what's old is new and I'm going to be broadcasting live this upcoming Saturday (1/7/2012) at 9AM Pacific.

Actually, I'm not going to be broadcasting me due to the limited appeal. I'm going for hits on this one and broadcasting Noah's batting practice! Live!

Noah plans on hitting the ball hard, some funny banter, possibly an Aaron Rowand batting stance impersonation, and some engaging theories on hitting a baseball.

Please join him at http://ustrea.am/G833 at 9AM Pacific time on Saturday 1/7/2012.

03 January 2012

Sailing over the fence

I got a great Facebook comment on some baseball or swimming somethingoranother post I made last Summer. A friend simply stated, "I used to know a sailor with the same name, do you know him?" Haha, that was funny. Funny because it's true.

I dont' think I've sailed since the 3BF last year. Don't really have much of a plan to sail in the foreseeable future. What I will do is coach baseball and go to swim meets. With an occasional dalliance into geo-caching. I work too, but that's not what this blog is about.

Here's why baseball has taken over for sailing:

Check out that freakin' swing. He just turned 6. He'll be wearing #9 on the Red Sox this year for some very obvious reasons.

Maybe I'll sail again or maybe I'll just watch the balls sail over the fence. Who knows.