26 July 2005

I'm a Winner

You heard that right. Only in the internet age can someone like me become a virtual winner. I'll admit, and say it loud and proud, my trophy case is abysmally small. Very little hardware which explains my interest in racing my super sport boat, Polka Dot.

But the internet gave me a chance to win. A caption contest over at Bethancourt World was my opportunity. If I was funnier than everyone else on the internet (and I am) then I'd win a used right-handed Ronstan sailing glove. And I was funny. According to someone I've never met's wife.

My trophy case is still uncrowded because I wear Harken gloves and wouldn't dream of going Ronstan at this point, so I requested a picture of my prize, and here it is, in my virtual trophy case, the blog:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Edward!

Dana and I are looking forward to future posts about the exploits of Polka Dot Racing.

Anonymous said...

Dude-you're one of the funniest people I know, but that just wasn't funny (unless it's sailing humor).

EVK4 said...

Oh. I got this comment forwarded to my blackberry and figured you were commenting on my jumping out of an airplane post. I had my defense all worked up and was ready to do battle.

But, you're saying either posting a sailing glove or the "quick, take the picture" comment wasn't funny. I can't argue that.

But, I would suggest going over to Bethancourt's world and putting your own damned caption up if you know funny, Mr. Clown Fish.

EVK4 said...

Dammit, anonymous. The more I think about it, it really wasn't that funny. Now I feel like I don't deserve the photo of the used right handed sailing glove. An empty accomplishment.

On the other hand, my last entry into the Bethancourt Caption Contest was funny and should have won. One small change and I would have won i bet. it should have read, "the first all puppet crew, helmed by Gepeto". That would have been funny.