03 January 2012

Sailing over the fence

I got a great Facebook comment on some baseball or swimming somethingoranother post I made last Summer. A friend simply stated, "I used to know a sailor with the same name, do you know him?" Haha, that was funny. Funny because it's true.

I dont' think I've sailed since the 3BF last year. Don't really have much of a plan to sail in the foreseeable future. What I will do is coach baseball and go to swim meets. With an occasional dalliance into geo-caching. I work too, but that's not what this blog is about.

Here's why baseball has taken over for sailing:

Check out that freakin' swing. He just turned 6. He'll be wearing #9 on the Red Sox this year for some very obvious reasons.

Maybe I'll sail again or maybe I'll just watch the balls sail over the fence. Who knows.


my2fish said...

EVK4, I too understand how a son (or in my case 3 of them) makes sailing less of a priority. luckily most of my boys sports seasons have been spring/fall (and occasionally winter), so I usually have most of the summer to squeeze in a few sailing sessions.

your son has a pretty sweet swing - hope he develops well and finances your early retirement (and more sailing)!!

I too have a son named Noah, similar age too at 7 years old. we haven't gotten into baseball, but he's really excelling at soccer, and is a goal-scoring machine.

cheers, my2fish

O Docker said...

If you're geo-caching, who's geo-piching?

Michael said...

Dude, I just saw this! Exploding through the hips like a future MLBer! Nicely done.