18 January 2012

Ironbirds take to the air!

In years past, the teams in Noah's league were named after major league teams. Last year, he was on the Red Sox; therefore, the Red Sox are now his second favorite team. After the mighty Giants of San Francisco of course.

I just received the team assignments for this year and saw some awfully funny names: muckdogs, rockhounds, blue claws, ironbirds. What the heck? Minor league team names? But I had already picked out Noah's uniform number: 9, previously worn by one Teddy Ballgame.

At first I thought, that must be the placeholders before all the coaches start bickering over who gets to be the Giants. But, no, those are our team names. My initial instinct (and action) was to email the commissioner and ask to be the 51s (Blue Jays affiliate in Las Vegas that has an alien for their logo). But, unfortunately, the uniform company doesn't offer the 51s.

Then I looked up the Ironbirds and saw this:

Great logo!

A bit more research and I see that the Aberdeen Ironbirds are the single A affiliate for the Orioles. Since Noah's league numbers only go up to 15, my only decision at this point is Cal Ripken Jr's number or Brooks Robinson's?

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Joe said...

Holy cow, you're back. Nothing like taking a year off from blogging on EVK4 Superblog.