04 January 2012

Baseball & Sailing: two great tastes

So what do baseball and sailing have to do with each other? Nothing. Except this:

And, really, I'm reaching here.

Maybe I'll never make the Vaunted Tillerman Top Ten again but I have something to say on this here blog. And, unfortunately for the sailing blog readers, it's about baseball.

But, I'll get brackish on you here with one last sailing story. When I was in my early 20's I played golf; not well or often but I did own my own set of golf clubs. When planning out my TransAtlanticSail that is at the heart of my title of "Bad Ass Ocean Going Sailor", my father (and Captain) told me that golf clubs and sailing don't mix. Specifically, my golf clubs were not allowed on his sail boat.

And that killed my plans to golf in Ireland upon landfall. I have barely golfed since.

What does that have to do with baseball. Nothing. See you at the Great Batting Practice Broadcast this Saturday.


Tillerman said...

Golf and sailing don't mix. They are both games that are seriously addictive such that almost anyone who plays either seriously devotes almost every minute of their spare time to improving their game.

When I first came to the US, most of my colleagues at work were avid golfers. They were always trying to encourage me to take up golf. But I resisted for the reason above.

But being a smart ass I used to tell them that I would take up golf when I was too old for sailing. I don't think they liked me much after that.

O Docker said...

I caught this on the three-hour tape delay west coast broadcast.

Noah raises an interesting teleological question early in the segment. Do we exist to be on TV or to watch TV?

He wants to watch himself on TV, but realizes that Newtonian physics do not permit that. Even relativistic corrections are of no help. He would have to run from the batting cage to the computer screen at nearly the speed of light.

With this new streaming technology available to Everyman, the day is near when we will all be on TV, but there will be no one left to watch TV.

I think that's why there were only seven viewers. Everyone else was streaming their own video.

I've been thinking about broadcasting a whole series on me doing my laundry.