11 January 2011

Three Bridge Fiasco 2011

And so it starts again. Another season of sailing. And it all begins with: clockwise or counterclockwise.

Quick admission, I haven't sailed since the day I stepped off the boat in Kaneohe. Not once. And that's my big struggle with the Three Bridge Fiasco -- clockwise or counterclockwise? Which frickin' way do you turn the winches again? It has been a while.

I'll do some research before the start. I have this vague recollection that VALIS has two speed winches which might solve my problem; it's entirely possible that both directions work. And then there's the electric winches that you just press buttons for. But still, it's a lot to remember.

For this 3BF, I'll just start clockwise and see what happens.


O Docker said...

I think the only way to figure it out is to find anyone named Easom and just follow them.

I still want to know if Valis needs a sommelier.

Tillerman said...

I want to apply for that sommelier job too. But I can never remember: does the corkscrew go clockwise or counter-clockwise?

EVK4 said...

VALIS only deals in the bubbly variety of vino so we don't need corkscrews. But I'm now worried about the rotation of the cork as it shoots out of the bottle. Do champagne bottles have grooves the way rifle barrels do? Are those CW or CCW?

Oh man, this sailing business is hard.

Luckily, I signed up for a shakedown refresher course a week before the race. I'll take notes.

Tillerman said...

I'm an expert on champagne sailing.