19 January 2011

America's Cup is selling sex

Ponder that image above for a moment. It's the new AC45, the one design catamaran that will be used by America's Cup teams in the America's Cup World Series (ACWS).

The picture is a screen grab of the boat out on its second test sail in Auckland, cruising along at seemingly supersonic speeds in 25 knots of wind. Looks like it's handling it pretty well. Nice shape on the wing, well trimmed genoa, beautiful graphics.

Erk, wait, the graphics. What is that on the jib? Is it the America's Cup trophy? Or a slightly abstract graphic of a busty woman? Before you think it's just me seeing this, take a look at this painting by my favorite contemporary painter, Stvnski:

Notice the similarities to a nude by renowned maximilist artist Stvnski? I'm not just seeing things. This is not just a freakin' cigar people! The America's Cup is selling sex.

Not that they shouldn't. One of the worries in the sailing world is that we don't attract enough fans, racers, participants, groupies, etc. Well, abstract pictures of naked ladies on the freakin' headsail will solve that problem in a New York minute.


O Docker said...

I guess sex is in the mind of the beholder - it is if you're doing it right.

One thing's pretty sure, though. This time around, anything and everything will be up for sale.

I still haven't figured out where the best place to watch the racing will be - anchored in Lincoln Navigator Strait, from the heights of Budweiser Island, along the WaterPik Waterfront, or from the walkway of the Macdonalds Golden Arches Bridge.

Carol Anne said...

Well, you know which famous television show host has a figure like that ...

My site said...

LOL! hilarious, I didn't see what you were talking about till I looked a little closer

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Billosail said...

graphic sex is a beautiful thing