19 July 2010

Arrived in Kaneohe

I'm going to blog this one differently this time. I didn't keep a detailed journal because this was more of an emotional voyage so it needs to be documented a bit differently.

I think we came in 6th in the division, we made it in 14 days after fearing that we wouldn't get in until August for a while. A lot happened...saw a whale, caught some fish, experienced terror and most importantly sailed in the dark.

That will be its own post, sailing in the dark. Sheesh, I mean DARK. And that story might even pale in comparison to The Crash. Yes, I capitalized The Crash.

More coming soon because I now need sleep, a shower and a pizza.


Joe said...

Kudos on your journey! Say hello to Bonnie when you see her. Cheers, Joe

O Docker said...

I think if you sail for two weeks straight, it will eventually get dark.

Congratulations and 'hi' to Bonnie for me, too.

Tell her I'm sorry I couldn't stow away on Valis.

You could also answer a question I've always been curious about. If you order a pizza in Hawaii, does it necessarily have ham and pineapple on it?

Tillerman said...

Well done. Looking forward to reading about the terror. And The Crash. And the DARK.

JP said...

Congrats on completing the race and position - sounds like a good result given the light winds at the start.

Looking forward to hearing all about The Crash and The Dark.

bonnie said...

Ed's leaving before I get there!

I can't wait to read about The Crash. There's some passing reference to a "spinnaker event" with breakage on the Valis blog but all they really wanted to talk about was fish fish fish. Joe, do you have some fish for them?