03 June 2010

O Docker outed me

O Docker is the most amazing blogger on Earth.  Somehow he figured out from the AIS tracker on Valis that I had bought new foulies and was wearing them on the foredeck when the satellite flew over.  Wow.  The insight, the perception, the invasion of privacy!

Since he brought it up and since the Newport Fashion, Lifestyle and Boat Show is coming up soon, I thought I'd give you a preview of the Summer's latest in foul weather fashion!

Coming soon to a foredeck near you.


Baydog said...

Those may allow my daughters to enjoy sailing a little more!

tillerman said...

Hmmm. It's posts like this that make you one of my favorites.

O Docker said...

Genius is 10 per cent inspiration, 70 per cent perspiration, and 20 per cent good fashion sense.

Tillerman said...

Wait. I though bad hair was on that list somewhere?

Zen said...

Hmmm, Same pose. You should really work on that, maybe have the guy standing sideways, bend his knees more, or sit that way you will look taller. Also a pink hat would be a strong statement.

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No not really

EVK4 said...

pink hat? are you crazy? a pink hat would just look silly. And girlish.