29 June 2010

And then we were six

The whole crew spent a restless weekend trying to figure out who would round out the Pac Cup team. We had a last minute cancellation (one that we knew might happen but were holding out hope that it wouldn't) and we had to fill in the spot quickly. I guess it is technically possible to sail to Hawaii with 5, but some quick math makes you realize that you get a lot more sleep with 6.

Here's how the progression of possibilities sorted out:
  1. Great sailors with whom somebody had sailed
  2. Sailors with whom somebody had sailed
  3. People we knew who sailed
  4. Sailors we'd heard about that might be able to make it
  5. Friends who didn't sail but we knew with whom it would be fun to spend 2 weeks sailing
Yep, we got down to number 5 pretty quickly. It's amazing how few people can drop everything and take 2+ weeks off with 1 week notice. I have such a friend, one who is up for anything, and has sailed a few times with me. He doesn't bring a ton of sailing experience but he can fix anything so I won't be so worried about breaking things. And I've spent a lot of time with him so I know I can stand him for 2 weeks. It's Tirso!

So what if he's a Dodger's fan and might not know port from starboard. We have time for some intensive on the job training. The first few days is close hauled, very little sail trim to be done and Valis steers very nicely to windward. He'll get some great experience getting to know the boat. When we turn the corner, you have calm seas and somewhat light winds to get used to reaching and downwind steering. Your first few days of spinnaker sailing are easy to get a hang of that before the swells and trades kick in. At that point he'll have had plenty of ocean miles to have learned the basics and he'll get a crash course (not literally I hope) for the more intense tradewinds sailing. Hell, I need practice before getting to those conditions.

So, we're all set with six and less than a week until we're sailing to Hawaii!!!!!


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Dodger fans know port from starboard as well as patience and endurance. I'm just surprised that Tirso didn't get a better offer!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Check last night's box score, BTW!

O Docker said...

You didn't happen to fill him in about the, uh, 'discomfort' you experienced in the first few days last time, did you?

EVK4 said...

I'm sharing my scopolamine patch prescription with him. They gave me four and I've only used one so far. I haven't blogged about it but I'm not taking chances this year.

Going to Monterey, not a hint of discomfort thanks to my new bestest sailing friend, Le Patch!

Joe said...

So who are your crew mates?

Pat said...

I hope Tirso realizes how fortunate he is!

bonnie said...

Woohoo! See you in Kaneohe!

(you sure you don't have room for O-Docker too?)

bonnie said...
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Baydog said...

Next time you pick a sports fan to sail with you, think football and think New York Giants. I can offer 282# of rail meat and often-relevant opinions on tactics and other topics, namely munchies and cocktails. And I'll steer for you while you pee off the stern.

Tillerman said...

Whaaaaaaaaaat? You didn't pick O Docker? He has a very nautical beard and horns too. How could you pass on that?

JP said...

And his own hat too!!

Seriously, good luck and safe sailing.