19 May 2010

The order of things....

Since I've apparently messed up the whole order of the universe with my surprise blog post yesterday, I decided to pile on.  I am going to write about sailing.  Not getting ready to sail, or bad ass oceangoing tricks, or the bike race I'm going to check out at lunch.  But sailing.

See that?  It's me sailing a boat.  I'll give a little explanation.  The first step is to get on a boat wearing some nautical stuff.  Then place a big green tarp behind you and the boat.  You lean a little to your left (what the landlubbers call port).  Then have the cameraman, lean to his left (what the landlubber would call starboard).  The cameraman then depresses the "shutter" button.  He emails this picture to you.  You open photoshop, key out the green (I know, this is getting technical) and put a layer behind you of water and blue skies.  Put it on the internet and you are sailing!

Expert tip: don't wear green or be seasick at the time.


Zen said...

Hmmm technically that was a post about PhotoShop not sailing...at least real sailing. More like fake sailing and PhotoShoping. Ok, Fake Sailing taking a Photo whilst leaning and Photoshopping.

EVK4 said...

But wait, was the photo about sailing? Isn't that what we do here on the blogosphere?

Joe said...

I must be color blind, I see a blue tarp...or I'm drunk. Damn that bar tender at Solstice, he makes great drinks!

Baydog said...

Joe: I've heard dogs are colorblind, but horses?
Why that's a horse of a
different color.
Pay no attention to the
man behind the curtain!

EV: You mean that we've been wasting our time trying to take sailing pictures while actually