28 May 2010

At the start line

Drifting around, no wind and about to be a lot of current!

Phil on the helm.

All Typos Courtesy of iPhone


O Docker said...

It occurs to me that you're posting in the blind and can't see these comments.

If you post again without replying here, I'll take that as an OK for me to take Lady Bug out for a sail this afternoon. Thanks!

O Docker said...

OK, there's your next post. I'm heading down to the dock now.

Thanks again!

Oh, and good luck in the race.

O Docker said...

OK, I'm down at your boat now and starting the engine. The key was where I thought it would be.

Wow! Does it always make that much smoke?

O Docker said...

We're leaving the dock now, headed down to the Hornblower boats, where I'll round up and get the sail up.

I just noticed there's smoke down below, too. Is that normal?

O Docker said...

You're not gonna believe it!

The engine just quit. No wonder they say Atomic 4's are unreliable. And all of that smoke, too!

Wait, there's a through-hull labeled "Raw Water In". Should that be open or closed?

O Docker said...

Oh man, this is not going well.

We're drifting down onto a Hinckley 52. This isn't going to be pretty. I may not be able to leave any more comments.

Are you insured?