16 October 2009

Could it be a sailing weekend?

For the first time in recent memory we have very little planned. Noah is going up to his grandparents for the weekend. Camille and I have a swim-date to work on flipturns. And nothing else is really on the calendar.

Forecast looks good. Lightish winds in the morning, a bit closer to brisk in the afternoons. A bit foggy, a bit sunny, temperatures in the 60s. Truly exceptional sailing weather. Kind of like a perfect Autumn Sailing Day.

And the boat is clean, which is important for Heidi. It just seems too good to be true. Could I really be sailing this weekend?


O Docker said...

If the weather's anything like it was today, do it!

I've been at the boat doing the usual chores, and it's been one of the nicest fall days I've ever seen - tee shirt weather, with winds just perfect for nine-year-old helmspeople and reluctant spouses.

I think I may have spotted Zen out teaching a class, but wasn't close enough to be sure.

EVK4 said...

Looks like I have buy-in. Just need to pick a day!

Fungod said...

We are having the Newport raft up at Clipper Cove. Stop on by!

fungod@gmail.com if you are interested in hearing more!