02 March 2009

Microphone Check one two ... one two

I got an invitation that I just couldn't pass up on Saturday. My dock-neighbor Chris asked if Noah and I would like to go increase our carbon footprint for a bit on the Bay. I could not say "yes" fast enough...a chance to go Boston Whaling, h3ll yeah!

Now, here's the thing, Chris knows Noah. His boat is close enough to Lady Bug that he can hear when Noah is scared (you know, scared of things like turning on the engine, touching a dockline, that sort of thing). Noah screams and Chris probably still hears echoes of these screams when he shuts his eyes.

But I worked my magic and through bribes of Tootsie Pops and assurances of fun, we set off. Noah was insistent that we should not go fast. So, Chris slowly ratcheted up the throttle and Noah's protests were drowned out by the roar of the mighty 35hp outboard. Maybe Noah was just too scared to scream but we probably wouldn't have heard him anyway.

Then the absolute worst thing happened, I forgot to set my velcro hat adjuster and the darned thing flew off. Proper protocol calls for an immediate drop in RPM and a rapid U-turn to go get the hat. Noah had his chance! He immediately let it be known that we were not doing any more of that speeding stuff and we were to return to the dock immediately.

Of course, we hadn't burned enough gasoline to return to the dock yet so we settled on Plan B....a quick tour of O Dock to find Mr. O Docker. We never did though Facebook assures me he was on his boat Saturday...he must dock backwards for a quick getaway or something.

Our slow tour of O dock (and N it turns out) gave us a lot of time to talk without the roar of the Engine. As fellow Serious Blue Water Racers (SBWRs), we discussed our 2010 plans (Pac Cup for me and possibility of SHTP for him). Chris is thinking about maybe not doing the SHTP but instead spending some time up in the Seattle area cruising and the beginnings of another idea had been in his head. The Bermuda 1 2 in 2011.

I got excited at this idea ... sailing to Bermuda was one of my favorite trips ever as my first blue water passage. Also, you end up in Bermuda. Chris has family in Bermuda and visits often but has never sailed there. So it's a perfect idea.

And then he hit me with another doozie, he threw out the possibility that I could be the "2" in "1 2". I'll take a step back in case you haven't clicked on the link above. The Bermuda 1 2 is a single-handed race from Newport to Bermuda; and then, double-handed on the way back because it's uphill and less fun. But still the family would get to go to Bermuda and I'd get to do one of the coolest sails known to man, ending at the epicenter of our country's sailing, Newport, Rhode Island.

This is still in its nascent stages, but it is another invitation I just can't pass up.


O Docker said...

Was aboard Saturday morning, but maybe hunkered below. Did you find the boat? Next time gun the motor. That always causes a stir on tranquil O Dock.

Waycool about the Bermuda. Shame you don't know anyone you could hook up with in Rhode Island.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to it O! Chris and Edward could round off their amazing adventure by being the guests of honor at the 2011 New England Nautical Blogfest Party hosted by The Venerable Tillerman (as Carol Anne recently called me).