17 December 2008

This is Officially Cool

I follow the goings-on with the America's Cup regularly but without digging too deeply into it. Since I forgot to go to Law School, it's hard to keep up with the suits, appeals, and Amicus Briefs that litter the once-proud regatta. What news I do keep up with is from Sailing Anarchy, where a handful of obsessed sailors spend every waking minute trying to psycho-analyze Ernesto Bertarelli, Russell Coutts, Larry Ellison, and some reporter named Marian from BYM news.

About a year ago, SA started a paper yacht club so that people could race under the SAYC flag without having to actually join a yacht club. And to make Scot Tempesta some money too.

It became apparent about a week ago that SA is planning an annual regatta, is an incorporated yacht club, and has a lawyer on staff. That's really all you need to launch a challenge for the America's Cup.

Here is their press release. Anarchy Challenge. What a great description for what's happened to the America's Cup.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that a couple million!

EVK4 said...

Except that they've waived the entry fee for other entries. Most of the other teams don't have a couple of million either. My guess is that the money could happen if/when the Anarchy Challenge is accepted.

Getting a boat to the line is almost not the point; more important is exposing the sham for what it is. Assuming that the 20 supposed entries are a sham.

O Docker said...

Ask not what the Anarchy Challenge can do for you, Edward.

Don't you have some Polka Dot Racing tee shirts you could be contributing to the cause?

I don't even hang out at SA, but I'll be talking to the managers at the O Dock Equestrian Center straightaway. They must have a few polo ponies they could donate.

Anonymous said...

If Obama can leverage the power of the Interwebs to raise a record amount of money for a presidential campaign and succeed in becoming the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, then do you think Tempesta can do the same to win a measly yacht race?

You betcha.

Lonnie Bruner said...

Whoa, that is cool.

Carol Anne said...


I look forward to the building of the team, the selection of the skipper, and all the rest.

I could even recommend a good skipper, one who has, at least once, beaten Dennis Connor.