10 December 2008

A Dwindling Pool

Thankfully, both of my kids sail now. Because I need them. I took another one of my very good friends out sailing this weekend and got the worst possible news. He gets seasick. Not from rough weather or excessive chop or anything like that but as soon as you leave the slip seasick. He tried to hide it and brave it out but it just wasn't in the cards. So, now that's three of my best friends who can't sail with me. Is it me?

Luckily, another thing happened on Saturday. The wind was perfect (other than that uphill both directions part) and Heidi got re-hooked. She loves to sail when we are moving and these were the perfect conditions for her. She even suggested we go back out on Sunday.

So that's the good and bad news: my crew resources are dwindling except that we can be an all-family crew. Now, to install a stereo and pump up the Sister Sledge when we leave the slip!


Captain John said...

Not sure where this famous (?) quote came from, but I had a very interesting experience which I’ll have to post about some time.

The punch line was the statement:

“It is easier to make friends out of sailors, than to make sailors out of friends”

Captain John said...

So last Saturday, Admiral Anne spied you giving one of your kids a ride in the bosun’s chair swing. She has said she’d sail with you if you let her use the swing. I’d be happy to man the winch.