06 November 2008

Like a Roller Coaster

We made it out past the breakwater this past Sunday! It was definitely a watershed moment. Sails still haven't gone up but we're getting closer.

Noah decided he wanted to be in the cockpit as we left the marina, Camille was down below working on some project or another so she couldn't be bothered. As soon as we got past the breakwater, the chop started. Noah actually smiled and said, "it's like a roller coaster". Of course he's never actually been on a rollercoaster but I consider that an endorsement that the chop is fun.

But, after about 5 waves, he was done with it, got up and started below. I helped him down the companionway, watched him fall down unceremoniously once he got down below, the look confused and go lie down to wait out the rollercoaster.

Taking my cue, I did a remarkably agile U-turn and headed back in. Success was ours. Everyone was happy, Noah was proud of himself and we had done it. We had left the marina. This saga is not over but we are making incredible progress; my son will be a sailor some day.

The outing ended with a very very encouraging moment. I steered us to the dock, handed Camille the tiller, and went forward to jump off and tie us off; Camille helped steer the boat in, turned off the engine and helped me secure the boat. Next step is just to give her the tiller for docking. And maybe teach her the delicate art of fiberglass repair?!?


WeSailFurther said...

nice, rewarding work you've done there.

O Docker said...

Well done! Involving the spouse in the D-word is a great triumph.

I still haven't managed it, but this gives me hope.

If you ever convince her to learn fiberglass repair, quit this blogging nonsense and write a book.

EVK4 said...

Camille is the 8 year old; not sure if my wife has ever docked. I know I almost drowned her once while docking. Maybe I'll write up the story some day.

And, O docker, very very nice profile picture!

O Docker said...

Doh! Pardon the brainfade. Your triumph is all the more remarkable, then.

I don't really Flemish - the photo is just my way of trying to 'pass' on O Dock.