11 September 2008

Full Disclosure Blog

I'll admit I was a bit embarrassed to get seasick on my Great Trans-Oceanic Journey & Race. But this is a full disclosure blog and it did happen so I reported it. What I didn't expect was that there'd be so few posts to the blog while I was out there; I thought it'd get drowned out by the flood of post-sickness stories. But that didn't happen. And, to a few people, their enduring memory of my Brave & Intrepid Exploration of the Pacific Ocean was my "no time now, seasick, get back to you later" post.

Oh well, them's the breaks.

But it did have a silver lining, a 5 year old family friend took it upon himself to draw me a picture; just a little something to cheer me up. He gave this to me as soon as we got back:

The caption for the one on the left: "Edward when sea sick"; the one on the right: "Edward getting better". If only he'd colored the first one green, that's EXACTLY what I looked like.

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