24 September 2008


I'm mostly disappointed because I don't have pictures. I raced in the Richmond/South Beach race for a few reasons: 1. to have a day sailing, 2. for the international accolades, and 3. for the shirt. Number 3 is really the key. I love the Singlehanded Sailing Society Shirts...if I could buy all of the past shirts off of Ebay I would. They're that good. I have friends that could go weeks wearing different outfits every day completely head to toe in SSS gear.

But you can bet your bottom boat-dollar that they won't be wearing these. The shirts aren't cool long sleeve hipster designs, or outlandish 60s inspired swirlymagisms, or even warm knit caps. They're corporate-looking polo shirts with a boring logo. And one of the two (the one my crew wanted) is tangerine. That almost makes up for the boring-ness-osity of the shirt design but not quite.

In some ways maybe it's so middle of the road and normal that it's outrageous for the SSS but I'm not sure. I just know that I'll have a harder time getting crew for the Three Bridge Fiasco if I don't have a cool shirt to dangle in front of them in exchange for their 12 hour commitment to sailing with me.

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