18 August 2008

I Almost Made a Mistake

My sailing-challenged almost-3-year-old son agreed to go sailing on Sunday! Hallelujah! I was going to get him into the fold and have a whole family of sailors. He's slowly getting over his fear of transportation. He goes on BART now, will ride the Little Train, and even agreed to enter an airport a few weeks ago. As soon as he's sailing, he'll become the perfect kid.

Then Sunday morning, I took one last look at the forecast. 15 to 25 knots, with gale force gusts to 35 in the afternoon. Hmmm, as recently as Saturday it said 10-15. I knew it's always worse in the afternoon and planned on having him back in the house before the Afternoon Thermals started. But still, this wasn't the day to get him into sailing. So we called it off and went to the Little Farm instead.

This morning, I thought it would be best to check my judgment, to see if I made the right decision. Sure enough, starting at about 10:30, it was 15-20 knots in Berkeley and by Noon was 20-25. A fine day to sail by all accounts...just not a fine day to sail with my timid soon-to-be super sailor.

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Zen said...

good Photo. It would make a good caption photo contest