03 July 2008

Last Minute Things

Oh my, there are a ton of last minute things to do for this race. I mean big important last minute things. Stuff that really takes a toll on a sailor.

Just this morning, I had to buy tickets to three different parties, buy a 1-way ticket, coordinate an outing of my fans and supporters to the Marin Headlands to see me off, answer a few questions on the upcoming party, and answer the question, "when the h3ll do you leave again?" four times.

I contemplated the exact wording of my out of office message. I'm thinking: "I'm sailing to Hawaii and couldn't get email even if I wanted to. But I don't want to. Be back in August. Mahalo." I'll think about that one.

Ah, but back to the parties. I have a situation there. The family and I all want to go to the Luau on Wednesday and the Awards Ceremony on Friday. But on Thursday there's a rum bash...we don't want to go to that. But I really want a Mt. Gay Hat from the event. I know that will generate snickers from the Sailing Anarchy crowd but I'm not one of those big-shot racers who goes to all the events that have them. I don't have a closet full of the red hats that I'm too cool to wear. I want one. But I don't drink rum so I figure I'll have to broker a backroom deal with someone too cool to wear one but wants the rum, maybe I'll split their ticket with them for the hat.

Anyway, these are the decisions I'm going to have to be dealing with for the next 2 weeks. Then, "poof", they're all gone and all I have to worry about is sail trim and remembering to put on sunscreen.


Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make. Although I might publicly think that wearers of Mt Gay gear are wankers, I secretly covet a red hat too. Good luck in the race. I am bloody envious and very inspired

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Oh, the humanity! :-p


Lonnie Bruner said...

Ok, I DO drink rum, but do not race. You DON'T drink rum, but do race. Those are both reasons why we equally deserve a Mt. Gay Rum hat. Can you mail me one? I'll pay whatever fees necessary. If yes, I'll email you my address.

Anonymous said...

I have a Mount Gay hat and am open to offers comparable to the real cost of acquiring one, i.e. airfare to Caribbean and stay in luxury resort for two people for a week, plus regatta entry fees and seven bottles of rum.

Carol Anne said...

The regatta that I went to that had Mt. Gay Rum hats apportioned them sparingly -- only the skipper of each boat could have one, and there were no others for sale.

On the plus side (depending on your viewpoint), I didn't have to drink any rum to get one. I just had to drive the boat.

Anonymous said...

There's a guy on eBay selling his whole collection of those silly hats.

Why does anyone want a hat that no one will wear?

Maybe I can sell my Dennis Conner lunchbox.