01 June 2008

500th Post

I wanted to have something monumental for my 500th post on this blog. Something absolutely heroic or horrific or at least interesting. Something that says everything about why I sail and why I blog about it. Something that encapsulates me as a sailor. Something so worthy of this blog that it inspires me to write about myself another 500 times.

Nothing like that has happened. But a simple picture of a bow wake outside the Golden Gate on a foggy day could be close:


Tillerman said...

Of course you know what you made me do? I just had to go and see how many posts I had done. And then I discovered that purely by coincidence today's post was my 1000th.

I can't honestly say that my 1000th post is monumental, worthy, inspiring or even interesting. But then that's postminimalist blogging for you. The post has more to do with the quality and type of experience a person has when engaged in the viewing of the post than with the actual object being experienced. The object serves its purpose by carrying the exact message of itself and nothing more than that. By so doing the viewer has an opportunity to have a pure experience of seeing unencumbered by the need to read meanings into the post.

By the way, I like the bow wave, and congratulations on making it to 500.

Anonymous said...

great picture - nice deck! good looking stanchions, too.


(my next post will be my 112th!)

EVK4 said...

Just a warning, blogger counts all of those old, unused drafts that you meant to write about but were just crappy ideas in the end as posts. I went back and deleted them so I'd feel better about my milestone.

Anonymous said...


I like the pic.

I also did something special for my 500th post, it was a nice traffic-generator.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes a picture serves.

And that's a good one.

Congrats from O Dock, where we're often waxing and varnishing more than making bow waves. Your posts buoy the spirit when all about is cetol and sandpaper.

Tillerman said...

Edward, I don't think I have any old drafts of crappy ideas. They all turned into posts of crappy ideas.

I do have a couple of drafts of crappy ideas written in the last week or so which will shortly be turned into new posts based on crappy ideas. So I did deduct those.