03 April 2008

What a Novel Idea

I very rarely intertwine my personal and professional lives. In fact, I've barely mentioned my professional life on this blog. But I now realize that I'm shortchanging myself. I have a boat and I have clients. Why the heck not take clients sailing?

And make them wear the pirate hat?

Now if that isn't a reason no client will ever step foot on my boat again, this is:

Ah, the joys of photoshop.

Despite my fun at Phil's expense, we had a great time. Phil was visiting California from the UK and had brought his son with him. That's a perfect reason to go sailing, to introduce a teenager to the joys of sailing. And, I'd get to go out during the week. Win-win.

We picked a fine day, starting at about 5-10 knots of wind but squirrelly as h3ll. Every time we'd tack, the wind would shift. That's annoying. But we finally got to Angel Island, enjoyed a warm time at the beach, dipped our feet into water close to the Pacific then burst home at 6-7 knots. I'm leaving out all the close calls with tugboats and tankers and sea serpents just in case my insurance company is reading this.

This is the only way I'm going to be able to bump up my sailing-days count. Use workdays as sailing days. And promise to put the pirate hat away.


Litoralis said...

People always tout golf as an opportunity to schmooze with business clients...it's good to see someone using sailing for the same thing.

EVK4 said...

and this coming from one of the world's pre-eminent golfers, one so good he can get away with pink socks. very nice.