25 April 2008

Us v. Them

The sailing world is littered with Us v. Thems. It's mostly a Tillerman style topic but I want to talk a bit about it here. You see it everywhere:
  • Lasers v. Force 5s
  • Leaners v. Training Wheelers
  • Stinkpots v. Blowjobs
And now this has happened. Singlehanders v. Fun Racers. They (the trans packers) have some good points. They make it to Hawaii all by themselves. They don't need MOB drills. The lack of freshwater showering doesn't really affect anyone else.

But we (the fun race to Hawaii crew) have some advantages too. We value teamwork. We play nicely with others. You will never see a naked photo of us (I can't find the naked picture of Bruce Schwab during the Vendee but will link to it eventually). And we have enough people for a good game of Monopoly.

As much as I respect these guys, I'm willing to keep up this feud for the entertainment value. My Dad has a one-liner he uses about why the French are so good at singlehanded sailing, "because no-one else will sail with them."


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Well my dad's French and he says he can beat your dad up singlehandedly! Or at least 1/3 of him.

EVK4 said...

Can he do this while quoting Kierkegaard? That's a true singlehander at work.

EVK4 said...

Fullandby, I tried to send you a note on Sailnet but am not tenured enough there for a PM. Are you doing the SHTP?

Anonymous said...

No, not Kierkegaard. He prefers to quote directly from the source of it all, Heidegger. Perhsps "Being and Time" belongs on your "fun" ship lolipop. You'll need to fill those monotonous voids between Twister games. Mind you don't drop that winch handle!

Anonymous said...

Now that I'm talking the talk, I guess it's only approriate that I ante up and do the walk. I have a week to get my check in..consider it in the mail

EVK4 said...

Then you're not who I thought you were. Or who I initially thought you were either. You don't write like who I would have expected you to be either.

What I'd really like is a blog-battle. Anybody remember the song Roxanne by UTFO? Then some girl-band pops up called The Real Roxanne with a comeback song? that was cool.

Joe said...

Id' much rather sail across the big blue with others than alone. Does anyone remember when Maud rowed from Peru to French Polynesia? "Voici venu le temps des rires et des chansons, dans l'ile aux enfants c'est tous les jours le printemps lalala lalala lalala..."
She was loopy....she's French....on the plus side she's a looker.

P.S. My dad's French also. Is that why no one wants to sail with me? ;)

Joe said...

P.P.S. My sister-in-law is French also. Am I running a bad streak or what?

May the Force (5) be with you!

Anonymous said...

Boy, now I feel like a real heel. All this time I thought I was logging into Sailing Anarchy. EVK4, my sincerest apologies for taking this to a shameless low. I have the utmost respect for you and the adventure you'll soon be embarking on. Nothing I wrote was intended as a personal affront. I misread the intent of all this and was playing out the character role. I actually don't sail alone, but rather with my alter ego who has turrets and one foot in his mouth. Yours is one of the few blogs that I've enjoyed reading consistently over the years,and I'm sorry to be the one that tarnishes the brass and dings the bright work.

Fair winds.

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog......"

EVK4 said...

What?!? I need a foil for my feud. Chris is the guy who it's supposed to be but he only emails with me. I was just trying to figure out who you are.

We've even gone ahead and signed on a past SHTP winner on our crew to show exactly how superior third-of-an-ocean crossing is with a crew.

And, lastly, I love Sailing Anarchy.

Anonymous said...

Now that's exactly a good reason to sail alone! You don't have to worry about the other crew's feelings, or lack of.

Visit ToDay said...

Gud luCk then ^^

Anonymous said...

Bad luck Edward. Obviously these single-handed ocean sailors are way too mature to be foils in your game. Probably reading all those German philosophers makes them so even-tempered..

I think your only option is to pick a feud with Force 5 sailors. They are perpetually defensive, delightfully short-tempered, and always quick to bite at the mildest of baits.