22 April 2008

Days Sailing v. Days on Sailboat

I used to have a ratio between sailing days and working days. No longer. Now I have a ratio between docktime and sailing time. See, I'm at the boat almost every Saturday morning even though I can't work on her or sail her. You might ask, what the heck are you doing then?

I'm playing.

Noah and I go to the boat and play. He has pirate figurines, a pirate map, three books about space travel, a My Little Pony named Mainsail, a set of pirate dubloons, about five decks of cards, and paper/crayons. He loves hanging out at the boat in a way that sailing just doesn't do it for him.

Lately, we've been playing a fun game of climbing into the v-berth, hiding under the spinnaker for a while, then jumping out and saying boo. Seriously, that's fun for a two year old. We used to go into the cockpit with his personal winch handle (an old 8 inch Lewmar that I don't have a use for any more) and play tug of war but he's bored of that recently. Must have been from winning all the time (darned self tailers!).

I figure these are baby steps to getting him comfortable on the boat so that he'll start sailing with us on our Angel Island trips. I tell you, he'll be a sailor, just look at that eyepatch of his!

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