12 February 2008

Now Here's a Difference Worth Noting

EEEK, it's a Ghost Boat!

Haha, you luddite, that's no Ghost Boat, it's an autohelm doing my job, the first step towards the dystopia of Robots taking over and enjoying our sailboats without us.

For all my hand-wringing about how different the boat is and, boo-hoo, the loads are making my skinny arms hurt, once you have the boat in a groove, she just sails herself. Note the kingspoke is only a tiny bit to leeward...the weatherhelm is under control and she is just trucking along.

You can't quite see it at this picture's resolution, but we have 9.7 knots of apparent wind and we're going 5.49 knots through the water, sailing at about 40 degrees to the wind. That's not bad.

She's not a Ghost Boat but she certainly doesn't ghost in light wind.


EVK4 said...

Garrett, if you're reading this, next time let's keep your sweatshirt somewhere that doesn't mess up my pictures?

Zen said...

Iw as wondering about that! Messed up a good shot!