05 February 2008

Inspiring Confidence

After this past weekend's test sail on Oceanaire, a few of us were hanging out below avoiding the rain and discussing the day's events. A strange, yet familiar, tune started playing from over at the nav station. I found myself humming along with it as Garrett went to get his phone (it was, of course, a ringtone).

He picked it up and I kept humming. After a few notes, I recognized what I was humming and sang a few lines, "now sit right back and I'll tell a tale, a tale of a fateful trip"! Holy crap, the Captain of a boat I'm sailing to Hawaii on has Gilligan's Isle as his ringtone!

Ignoring the fact that he probably *paid* for that ringtone, what is that saying about his frame of mind?!? Didn't the three hour tour start in Hawaii? Are we next? Can this voyage be trusted with that kind of ominous sign? Will the sixth crew member be a movie star?

At this point, I'm still going but if the weather starts getting rough and our tiny ship gets tossed, I'd better see some courage from the fearless crew.


Zen said...

Do not worry ...unless the boat name get changed to the Minnow

Litoralis said...

Does that make you Gilligan, the Professor, or the millionaire?