03 February 2008

Cross Posting (aka TransBlogetite)

Now that I'm writing two sailing related blogs, I'm not sure how to handle the crossover. I just wrote a post introducing the crew over there. That seems completely Pacific Cup related. But I picked up a few other things that I plan on writing about that concern both audiences.

How about this? I'll write it in both places if it's newsworthy to all my tens of SuperBlog readers, and just put a post like this referencing it if you might find it casually interesting. And I'll post it exclusively here if it makes fun of my Pac Cup crew. Shhh, don't tell them.


Anonymous said...

I want Darren's sunglasses and Lissa's hat.

Anonymous said...

I have a hat like Lissa's too. It is named Elmer Fudd and it rules.