18 January 2008

Some Company During the Start

The Three Bridge Fiasco is a pursuit race. That means that the slow boats start first and the fast ones start many hours later. In theory, we all finish at exactly the same time.

I start at 9:53:06 with a new start exactly 63 seconds later. So far, my only company is a Ranger 26 that starts at the same time. It's lonely being slow.

Oddly enough, one of my crewmates on the Pacific Cup has a boat that rates 3. Lady Bug rates 198. He will start well over an hour after me. I'm guessing he catches up with me by Noon.

And in case you're interested, I'm thinking clockwise right now. Velox Ocius Pango.


Anonymous said...

I've long had the theory that the best way to do well in a pursuit race is to have a slow boat. The fast boats waste a lot of time finding ways to overtake all the boats in front of them, steering off the best course, avoiding luffs etc. At least that's my excuse for never having won the July 4 pursuit race at my old club.

There is a famous pursuit race for dinghies in the UK, the Bloody Mary, that is held at Queen Mary SC at the beginning of January. Over 200 boats all sailing on a not huge reservoir. One year it was won by a kid from my old club in the UK sailing a 420. Of course he did go on to win an Olympic medal in the 470 class so maybe he would have won in a fast boat too.

Zen said...

Dude, fly something at the start so I know where you are. You need a lady bug burgee or something.

Although if you are one of two boats starting @ that time, the choice will be pretty limited, this one or that one.


ok, never mind.

WeSailFurther said...

Can you email me, I have some questions that I want to have a back-and-forth on...mashomack@yahoo.com


Joe said...

I hope you have more wind next Saturday. Yesterday was dismal.

EVK4 said...

If it is dismal, at least it's less than half the current the midwinter people had yesterday. i was just down at the boat today and we had a great NW wind.