16 January 2008

My Next Boat

Source: Some thread in Sailing Anarchy

This would be my next boat if I were content to be a lowly day-sailor. But now that I'm a kick-ass ocean-crossing bluewater guy, I'll have to re-evaluate what I want in my next boat.


Anonymous said...

what a beauty! I am doing a thing on favorite sailing photos. Would this be one?

Zen said...

OCG Dude! what time are you leaving for S.F for the race next Sat. or what time is the race? Maybe I should go direct there and see if I can get some long distance shots of ya amongst the crowd at the starting line. Mr OCG (Ocean Crossing Guy)

EVK4 said...

My start is at 9:53:06 exactly. Knowing me, I'll probably leak into the PHRF 201's start time.