03 December 2007

Truth in Blogging

I knew Easterners wouldn't get it. I will repeat this slowly...S a n F r a n c i s c o B a y i s C O L D. Ice, schmice. Subzero my foot. It is just plain cold to sail here November through March.

Case in point:

Last weekend, Camille and her friend Olivia had to wear long sleeve shirts sailing. Alex had to put his hood up. I almost considered not wearing shorts.

And it was even colder this weekend. So I didn't go sailing. I have no pity for you people and your snowtires; that's nothing compared to what I'm going through out here.


Litoralis said...

Here's an image of a couple of guys delivering the 12M Valiant from Newport to Marblehead in balmy weather last week.

SailRacer said...

I saw that delivery. Brr!! I thought my neighbor sailing to Salem last week was bad.

Cold, eh? Three inches of snow on the dock Sunday. Wind chill this morning 17 degrees.

This is my third winter aboard. But, my first winter on a drafty old powerboat.

Great shots! Keep it sailing!

Unknown said...

cold is cold, I do not care where U R