04 December 2007

The Masses Have Spoken

Seventeen votes and it's official. I am the only one who gets seasick because of canned hamburger. Seventeen votes seems statistically valid...it's more than sixteen, less than eighteen. In other words, just about right.

Many people have wondered (though, oddly, few have voiced this wonderment) what the nutritional impact canned hamburger has on the Trans-Oceanic Sailor (T-OS). Thankfully, I can help with that:

Just don't go down below.


Christy ~ Central Air said...

Edward, I have never even *heard of* "canned hamburger" before reading your post. It must be a California thing? (Or at least not a Midwest thing?)

Just the *thought* of eating it makes me feel sick, so count that vote however you'd like. :-)

Zen said...

gross! I'm feeling wheezy reading abut it

EVK4 said...

We provisioned in Miami so it might be a SE thing. It's actually hard to find an online image of this atrocity so it probably is fairly rare.

The other odd thing was boxed milk that didn't need refrigeration. Of course this sort of thing exists but I remember getting it at the local grocery store (Winn Dixie) and to this day have never seen this item in another grocery store. Odd.

Pat said...

Boxed milk should be common on the other side of the pond.

Carol Anne said...

The year I lived in England, milk there came in two varieties: the really super fresh sort that showed up in glass bottles on the doorstep in the morning, with a layer of cream on top, that had to be brought in quickly, or else the neighborhood cats and birds would remove the tinfoil cap and help themselves to the cream; and the boxed variety that would stay fresh in the cupboard for a year, even without refrigeration. You can probably guess which sort I preferred.

As for the canned hamburger meat, it has clearly been processed in some way that makes it not really meat any more. According to that label, there is NO saturated fat in the stuff.